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3 Tips For Choosing The Right Pair Of Designer Shoes For Your Wife

Whether for her upcoming birthday or as a show of your appreciation, your wife is sure to appreciate a new pair of designer shoes. Here are a few tips you can use to ensure that you choose the right pair of designer shoes to surprise your wife with:

Make Sure the Color Will Match

When choosing the color of designer shoes to buy for your wife, it's a good idea to consider whether the color will match with her wardrobe. Don't buy her a pair of red shoes if she doesn't already wear a lot of red clothing or other red shoes in general. Take the time to check out your wife's wardrobe for color inspiration before choosing a pair of designer shoes for her.

If you discover that one particular color tends to dominate your wife's closet, you can choose a pair of shoes in the same color. If your wife doesn't seem to favor any one color, choose a neutral option like black or gray.

Consider Their Potential Uses

It's also a good idea to consider when and why your wife might want to wear the new designer shoes that you buy her. If she's been wanting a new pair to wear to work on a regular basis, you should make sure that the shoes you choose will be comfortable and properly support her throughout the day. Look for shoes that feature memory foam inserts and that can be easily taken off when she's at her desk or taking a break. If she'll likely only wear her new designer shoes on special occasions, you can focus more on style and design than comfort if you want to.

Keep Maintenance Needs in Mind

Your wife will have to properly maintain her new designer shoes as time goes on to keep them in good shape, so maintenance needs should be kept in mind when choosing a new pair of shoes to surprise her with. Will the shoes have to be taken to a specialty shop for cleaning on a regular basis or can they be cleaned by hand at home?

What kinds of cleaning solutions and materials will be needed to clean the shoes? And do the shoes feature barrier protection of some kind so they'll get less dirty when worn outdoors? Can repairs be made locally or will the shoes have to be shipped to a company when they need repair attention? Think about how much work and maintenance your wife already has to do around the house before choosing a pair of shoes with high maintenance needs for her.

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