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3 Tips For Caring For Your Lash Extensions

If you aren't happy with the way your eyelashes look, then lash extensions are a great option for you. Depending on the type of lash extensions that you get, you can make your lashes look longer and fuller. This makes it so you don't have to worry about wearing mascara, or even any kind of makeup, if you don't want to because you always look like you have makeup on. Part of having lash extensions, and ensuring that they look good, is to care for them properly. Here are three tips for caring for your lash extensions. 

Avoid Touching Them When Washing Your Face 

When you are washing your face at the beginning and/or end of the day, be sure to avoid touching your eyelash extensions. Simply wash around your eyes and then use a couple of wash cloths to carefully rinse and then dry your face. To remove the makeup from off of your eyes, use a q-tip and once again avoid contact with your eyelash extensions. This stops them from falling out and helps them to look fuller for longer. 

Make Sure You Go In For Regular Fills 

Part of having eyelash extensions involves getting fills a couple of times each month. Because each individual lash extension is connected to a real eyelash hair, they will fall out when your regular eyelashes fall out. This means that your eyelashes will begin looking less full as the weeks pass. In order to make sure that your lash extensions stay looking beautiful and full, it is important that you go in for your regularly scheduled fills. Your lash artist will carefully fill in all of your lashes again and they will look as good as new. Exactly how often you need to go in for fills will depend on how quickly your lashes fall out, how much you touch them, how you sleep on your face, etc. After your first month or so with your lash extensions, your lash artist will be able to recommend to you how often you should go in for fills. 

Brush Them Daily

When you first get your lash extensions put on, your lash artist will give you a lash brush that you can use to brush out all of your eyelashes. This helps to keep them all going in the same direction and looking natural and beautiful. This will likely be most useful in the mornings and at the end of the day..

In order to properly care for your lash extensions, you should avoid touching them when washing your face, make sure that you go in for regular fills to keep them looking nice and full, and be sure to brush them daily.